3 Different Types of Pallets

September 6, 2017
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If you want to transport goods with wooden pallets, keep in mind that there are several types of pallets to suit your needs. No size is unique. Therefore, it is important to know their differences to ensure that you manage adequately the logistics of your transport. Here are the 3 types of pallets available at Herwood!

Block Pallets

Block pallets are strong and sturdy. They use both parallel and perpendicular stringers (pieces of wood). There are 4 to 12 blocks of solid wood or plywood supporting the upper deck, along with 4 entry points, making them easy to handle and a versatile choice of pallets for transporting.

They can be lifted by fork lift, pallet jack, or front loader. There are thin pieces of stringer between the blocks and deck which acts like a mat. Block pallets can be with or without bottom deck boards.

Decked Pallets

A decked pallet, also known as a stringer pallet, has 2 solid sides that are usually 2x4 or 3x4 stringers between the top and bottom decks. Herwood Inc. offer decked pallets with two-way entry. The solid sides can have a notch in them to make it a four-way entry (see double-bridge pallets). The bottom can be aligned with more wood to mirror the top deck, making a double-decked pallet. The ends of the bottom deck boards can be chamfered to allow a pallet jack.

Double-Bridge Pallets

Double bridge pallets are similar to decked. They have notches resembling a bridge on the sides allowing for four-way entry. The double-bridge wing pallets have a little extra space on them as the wood extends over the edge.

At Herwood Inc., we stock these pallets to help with the packaging and handling of your goods. Can’t find anything suitable? We are here to help with custom-built pallets to your specifications and at a great price too. Give our team a call with any questions and we’ll find the best pallets for you. 

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