4 Ways to Recycle Your Wooden Pallets

November 7, 2017
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What’s interesting about wooden pallets is that it’s possible to combine inspiration with objects you no longer use. Just like other packaging solutions, wooden pallets have a long service life, but there always comes a moment when the palette begins to become obsolete. No need to throw it away though, there are many ways to recycle and reuse it.

The use of pallets can be ecological because they won’t constitute a loss. If you are passionate about the environment, you understand the importance of reusing wood pallets. To take advantage of their use, Herwood Inc. offers you 4 ways for recycling your wooden pallets.

Benefits of Reusing Pallets

Wooden pallets are designed from already cut trees for the manufacture of other types of wood products, made of trims and wood residues. As a result, their production is completely ecological. In addition, after their use for the transportation of goods, you can continue their long term, positive effect on the environment. Here are some of the advantages, both environmentally and economically, of reusing pallets:

  • Reduces waste disposal;
  • Reduces deforestation;
  • Reduces soil erosion;
  • Helps in the conservation of valuable natural resources;
  • Helps to provide a cleaner environment.

1. Using Wood Pallets Lifelong

The first function of pallets is essentially to protect the goods to import and export. Once the first delivery is complete, the pallets can be reused several times. Even if they have some signs of wear, they can be repaired. The important thing is to use them to their full potential.

2. Mulch for Gardens

Pallets can easily be chipped to form a very good mulch to place in your gardens or plantations to protect the soil.

3. Construction Material

Some pallets that are still in good condition can be reused as building materials, such as completely new items, as floors or on walls.

4. Decoration for the Home

One of the most popular ways to reuse pallets is to transform them into a decorative element for the home. Many designs are possible including frames, coffee tables, bed bases and headboards, a bookcase, etc. Your imagination is the only limit!

Many other ways exist to revive your wooden pallets! Since they are usually untreated, they are safe for recycling. At Herwood, our team advocates reuse and recycling while encouraging their use as packaging material for transportation. Call us for our recycling methods today!

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