Consolidate LTLs to save on freight costs

March 30, 2012
Consolidate LTLs to save on freight costs

Now is the time of year when spring road postings begin to come into effect across southern Quebec and New England. And due to the milder late winter weather we have had in this region, many postings have come earlier this year. So, companies that are transporting goods will have to endure higher relative costs from running vehicles light, and by possibly having to make extra trips for the next few weeks.

And this is on top of the already high cost of transport due to crippling fuel prices.

For companies to offset these high costs, they need to be incredibly efficient during the transportation phase of the the supply chain. And the single best way to do this is to consolidate LTL (less than truckload) shipments.

For goods coming in and out of your company, take the time to look at a map and plot pick up and delivery locations. If there are multiple delivery points near one another, communicate with your clients to try and arrange delivery in batches that are close together at the same time. And the same applies to incoming LTL shipments, too. Look for opportunities to batch incoming freight together.

By working to cut down on LTLs, you can realize dramatic savings on freight and transportation costs.

For all your southern Quebec and New England wood pallets and crate requirements, look to HWP as your preferred manufacturer. HWP comply with HT ISPM 15, meaning all their packaging is able cross all borders. Heat treated wood pallets are also lighter, meaning further savings on transportation costs. HWP offer a full range of standard pallet sizes, but the company will also custom build pallets to client specifications.

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