Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets

November 8, 2016
Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets

While the average person may see an overused wooden pallet as a wooden structure that has outlived its usefulness, the truth is there are endless ways to recycle wooden pallets in creative and innovative ways. Whether they are used to store multitudinous items, to create contemporary bedding or as furniture, there is literally no limitation to what can be done with old pallets. You are only limited by your imagination. Following are just a few ways that you can recycle used wooden pallets.

A Patio Deck

If you gather enough pallets, you can design and build an entire patio deck for your home. Getting the right amount is not a challenge at all. With companies like Herwood pallets, you will always be able to find pallets that are being cycled out of the rotation. These pieces are ideal for use in creative home projects. You can get as creative as you like with the design, adding multiple levels or a customized fun shape. It's also possible to make the deck furniture out of recycled pallets as well.

Outdoor Fencing

Instead of traditional fencing around your home or specific parts of your yard, you can use pallets to create portable fencing that can be removed when necessary.

Spice Rack

If you or your spouse love to cook, then you are probably familiar with the need to keep your kitchen stocked with spices. With a few minor adjustments, a small pallet can be converted into a spice rack with the capacity to store all your spices out in the open. You can leave the wood as is for a rustic appeal, or you can paint it to match the colour of your kitchen decor. Either way you'll end up with a unique kitchen accessory.

Coat and Hat Rack

Another fun thing you can make is a coat or a hat rack. You begin with taking a pallet and nailing it to the wall with the planks vertically to the ceiling. Then you can attach pegs, at various different heights to hang your hats and coats. If you're looking to add a little something more to this project, you could build a show rack to go underneath. Again, you can leave the piece unfinished, or you can paint or varnish it.

If you have some old wooden pallets lying around or you're just looking for a fun project to occupy your spare time, then try building these creative things. The options are limitless, from furniture to shelves; you can customize any of these to your needs and personal preferences. 

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