Custom-built Wood Pallets and Crates Save Your Shipments

June 28, 2013
Custom-built Wood Pallets and Crates Save Your Shipments
You may think that pallets are pretty simple. And wooden crates? Well they’re just a box made from wood right? Yes and no. Although they are a fairly simple product, there is a lot more that goes in to making a quality wooden pallet or shipping crate!
If you take a quick look around a warehouse, and notice damaged inventory, machinery, or have witnessed a shipping mishap or accident, it is likely that poorly constructed pallets or wooden crates played a part. Millions of dollars in damages each year occur in warehouses, so proper shipping products are essential to avoid these unnecessary costs.

Standard or custom built pallets and crates?

Often, standard pallets will do the trick for your shipping needs, but should you have special requirements for a custom designed pallet or crate, specific wood type, or unusual dimensions, HWP will gladly custom manufacture your pallets to meet your specifications. Our objective is to give you the best quality products that suit your packaging needs. Significant damage can be incurred when trying to ship specialty items using standardized sizes or designs. It’s important to consider the weight and height of your load, as well as any other unique characteristics.

Here are some commonly used pallet designs:

  • 2 entry-way flush pallets—with planks underneath
  • 2 entry-way flush pallets—without planks underneath
  • 2 entry-way flush pallets—with planks and quarter panels
  • 4 entry-way flush pallets—with planks underneath
  • Block pallets
If you have a specialty shipment, don’t chance it! It isn’t worth attempting to ship it using stock pallets that may or may not hold up to the task. If you end up with damaged or delayed shipments it’s not just inconvenient, it can cost a lot of money!  A professional pallet manufacturer can not only help you decide how best to package your shipment, but also offer you advice based on similar requests from other companies in the past.

Benefit from our experience

HWP’s years of experience and manufacturing expertise guarantees that we can truly offer you the best solutions for your specific shipping requirements. Our know-how allows us to have competitive prices while setting the highest of standards.

Our modern design and carpentry team can easily custom build your wooden pallets and crates by using our computer software and your specifications. From compact containers to large crates, and pallets of every size; our mission is to safely and securely transport your goods in perfect condition...every time.

To talk about your custom wood pallet or crate requirements, contact HWP today.
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