Do-it-Yourself Fresh and Fun Summer Patio Furniture!

August 13, 2013
Do-it-Yourself Fresh and Fun Summer Patio Furniture!

Getting Creative with Wooden Pallets...

Summer and fun, funky and creative ideas go hand in hand. We recently received a photo from one of our clients who transformed some of our wooden pallets into fresh new furniture for her patio. Take a look at what she created in the photo. Not only functional, it’s beautiful! When paired up with a creative eye, some basic carpentry skills and a splash of colour, anyone can take our quality wooden pallets or wooden crates and turn them into beautiful and functional pieces for your home and garden. Are you interested in trying your hand at making some pallet furniture?

Inside or Out...

Wooden pallets are the perfect choice for creating an outdoor feature or space. You can use pallets to create everything from striking structural features, cozy little nooks for your family, to fences for privacy or to contain the dogs! Think about projects or problems that you have or would like to solve and think outside the box a’d be surprised at what you cook up with our wooden pallets! Because our wooden pallets and crates are both sturdy and made from quality wood, you can use them for a variety of uses that demand both strength and beauty.

We’ve scouted out a few outdoor ideas to get you going:

  • Fencing, walkways, and gates
  • Garden, patio, and pool sheds
  • Partitions/privacy screens
  • Flooring and stairs
  • Greenhouse fixtures
  • Planters and creative plant holders (think plant wall!)
  • Herb gardens
  • Swings and playgrounds
  • Bike, tool or storage racks
  • Shelves and storage in garden areas
  • Benches and seating
  • Tables, chairs, furniture
  • Animal housing

Take it Inside!

Not just for the outdoors, consider taking wooden pallet creations indoors into your living and bedroom spaces. Build a bunk bed, or give your bedroom a rustic flair with a wooden pallet headboard. Pallets can also be dismantled, used as is, or sanded and rounded off to get the desired effect. Pallets are also incredibly sturdy and strong, so getting creative can mean tackling projects that also require strength and stability, like bookcases and shelving or other storage ideas. Pair up your creation with some comfy, soft touches and you’ve got yourself a trendy new piece!

Looking for a few indoor pallet ideas? Read on: 

  • Stairways and railings
  • Shelving and storage
  • Wall pieces—functional or decorative
  • Beds and bedroom pieces
  • Tables, chairs and benches
  • Picture frames
  • Flooring and wall covering
  • Stackable furniture
  • Roll-able pieces—like tables and boxes
  • Boxes, racks and storage solutions

One thing to keep in minde here is choosing safe pallets to re-use. It is not a great idea to use pallets that have been treated with pesticides or that have carried hazardous materials, so make sure that you know where your pallets are coming from and what they have been used for. There are no guarantees that the pallets you salvage are completely free of bacteria or other harmful substances so make sure you pick through and take only pallets that you're pretty certain are decent quality.

To read more about pallets, choosing them and how to work withthem, check out this great blog.

Want to try out some creative pallet projects? We’ve got great pallets for sale, give us a call or drop by and get started!
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