Environmentally Friendly Wood Pallets and Crates

May 31, 2013
Environmentally Friendly Wood Pallets and Crates
Natural products the best choice
The more natural a product is, the better it is for us; and the planet. When we talk about sustainability, being green, and earth-friendly it basically boils down to keeping things simple. The more we refine a product, the more additives and processes it requires, usually results in it being more damaging to our health and the planet. When shopping for food and other products, we often hear the rule “Buy products that are in their natural state.” This holds true for many other products as well, including pallets and crates!

Advantages of wood
One of the major advantages of wood packaging is the small footprint it creates. When sourced from sustainable forest practices, and conscientious manufacturing, like we do here at Herwood, wood packaging products are the most environmentally friendly choice. Unlike the production of plastic, which uses huge amounts of energy and raw materials...wood pallets require none of this!
Made from trees, wood pallets and crates also do not generate any toxic pollutants in their manufacturing process, like plastics do. Furthermore, every part of the harvested trees is used for something! From animal bedding, to fence posts, to lumber for your house; wood is incredibly versatile in its uses. Since wood is also a renewable resource, we don’t have to worry about permanently depleting our supply by replanting forests as they are harvested.
But what about after you’re finished with your pallet?
Ever wonder about what happens after a pallet is unloaded and stacked outside the warehouse? Doesn’t that create a huge amount of waste? It doesn’t have to!—with green companies like HWP, pallet recycling is easy.
HWP operates a unique collection and re-evaluation plan for wood pallets and crates. Pallets and crates are evaluated and then either returned to circulation or re-cycled. This environmentally friendly practice adds multiple cycles to wood packaging materials, and it helps reduce the carbon footprint of HWP and our clients.

Conservation is paramount
The conservation of the environment is one of HWP’s core manufacturing principals, and we are committed to re-using and recycling pallets and wood-packaging materials. Nothing goes to waste and anything can be recuperated, even what would appear to be unsalvageable pallets and crates.
With our crushing machine we can transform otherwise useless pallets and crates into sawdust to be used for many other things. Electric lift trucks, streamlined manufacturing lines, and a workforce who knows what they are doing all help make HWP a green manufacturer.
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