Import and Export Regulations: Wooden Packaging

January 10, 2018
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Since 2002, Canada has closely followed the established convention on wood packaging materials within international trade. Wooden crates and pallets are ideal for transporting various goods, but since they are wood products, they must be treated to prevent the spreading of parasites from one country to another. To ensure this wouldn’t happen, the ISPM-15 standard was introduced. As a wood packaging company, it is important to respect this standard and enforce it to ensure success. In this article, we explain what this regulation is and how to abide by it.

What is ISPM-15?

The ISPM-15, known as the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures regulation of wooden crates and pallets, is a regulation that is used in the transportation of valuable goods during international trading. The goal is to prevent harmful pests and insects from spreading through countries.

How to Follow the Regulations

In order to prevent the spread of parasites, the only approved method in Canada is a heat treatment. All wood packaging materials must therefore be heat treated, followed by a specific seal to mark the product and show that it has been treated and complies with the regulation.

Export Regulations from Canada to the US

As of now, there are no clear regulations governing the transportation of goods from Canada to the United States. In fact, the two countries put into practice import requirements that seemed to be consistent with the ISPM-15 regulation, yet agreed not to implement these requirements. However, there have been in-depth discussions that express the need for change and to introduce the ISPM-15 regulation to reduce the risk of pests.

International Export Regulations from Canada

When it comes to international shipping, the ISPM-15 rule applies heavily to prevent the spreading of plant pests and diseases that countries would have to struggle with once the goods are received. For more information on this standard, visit the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association website.

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