Importing and Exporting With Wooden Pallets

May 11, 2017
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Many businesses need to be able to transport goods across country lines both efficiently and effectively.  Pallets can be an integral part of that shipping process to ensure that costs are kept low and quality is kept high.  Not all pallets are created equal, however, some may be designed for one-way use only or not meet international regulations.  Quality pallets, such as those produced by Herwood Inc. can help your business run smoothly.  Many suppliers can provide pallets that are treated to meet ISPM 15 regulations, meaning it can be used across country borders. 

There are a number of benefits to using pallet packaging for your import and export needs. So here are the benefits of choosing wooden pallets.

Affordable Prices

Import-export pallets can save a business money since they are a low cost, efficiently way to package goods. There is no need for a sizable initial investment in materials, cutting down expenses. Also, compared with plastic pallets, wood pallets are considerably cheaper to purchase. 

Safe and Resilient

Quality pallets provide the perfect way to package and ship your goods.  Some pallets are designed to be used only once and then must be discarded when it reaches its destination.  However, import-export pallets are designed to be used multiple times.  Not only does this save a business money, but it cuts down the need to store or discard as many units. 

Easily Stackable

For companies that do not have a large amount of storage space, pallets are a perfect item.  These units are easily stackable when not in use and can take a minimal amount of space.  When in use, if used correctly, they can still be stacked, increasing the number of pallets that can be shipped simultaneously


Not only do wooden pallets contain no toxic agents, but the use of import-export pallets significantly decreases the environmental impact by reduce landfill waste.  Even if a pallet is damaged, it can be repaired back to working order. 

Also, wooden pallets do not produce the quantities of chemical pollutants that plastic pallets do.  By using these pallets, you are reducing the potential carbon footprint of your imports and exports. Ask us for a quote!


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