Make sure your brand is strong—from top to bottom

October 29, 2012
Make sure your brand is strong—from top to bottom

Ask the average person in the street what the word brand means to him or her, and you may well get the following answer:

“A company name or logo...maybe a type of car or chocolate bar?

While the answer to the question is correct to some degree, brand has a much wider meaning.

Let’s take the car analogy one step further. Let’s say you are about to buy your first BMW. The true meaning of brand is in your total experience of the product...from walking into the showroom and how that makes you feel, to how well you are treated by the receptionist at front desk, the sales team—in fact anyone and everything about buying that first BMW.

This is the true meaning of brand.

Great, you say, but what has this got to do with my product and wood pallets, wood crates or wood packaging solutions in general?

The supply chain is a vital component of your brand’s overall experience. If goods are damaged during transit, your customers will not like the experience of receiving a damaged or broken product. If goods are late, your customers will not like having to wait. Suddenly, through no fault of your own, people are getting a poor experience of your brand.

And through the Internet and social media a reputation that has taken years to build can quickly be destroyed.

This is why you must ensure that every aspect of your brand from the product itself to how it gets transported to its customers and the condition in which it arrives is vital to the overall experience, health and continued success of your brand.

Windsor, Quebec, based HWP are experts in the design, manufacture and supply of wooden pallets, wooden crates and custom wood packaging solutions. As the nearest pallet manufacturer to the United States that offers heat treatment, HWP are well placed to service New England, as well as Southern Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

For more information, contact HWP today.

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