Making Old Pallets New Again

August 13, 2014
Making Old Pallets New Again HWP

It’s generally a good sign when your company’s pallets are showing signs of wear. That’s usually a strong indication that business is going well, that your company's products are shipping, and that morale is high. But the downside is that old, worn pallets can pose a threat to your company if they’re left in service in a weakened state. Old pallets can break, which can lead to lost time or, worse, lost goods. And if your old pallets are in especially bad shape, you’re either stuck with storing them or looking for a proper way to dispose of them. Fortunately, a wooden pallet company like HWP Herwood can offer a few different solutions to your worn pallet problems.

Repairing and Refurbishing

We want your pallets to last, since it’s much easier on your budget and more environmentally friendly to repair pallets rather than buy new ones. There are a number of reasons why a pallet may be in need of repair, but HWP Herwood can handle them all. We can replace boards that are warped, broken, or missing, as well as tighten fasteners, make sure all components are heat treated and compliant with international standards, and much more. More than 80% of the broken pallets that come our way can be repaired. For pallets that can’t be fixed, we have another solution.

Recycling and Upcycling

Sometimes, pallets are simply too worn out to be repaired. When that’s the case, they get recycled. The good news is that there are a number of useful, value-added products that can be produced from recycled wood pallets. This ensures that limited landfill space and precious natural resources are not wasted. For example, wood pallets can be chipped into landscape mulch, and color can even be added to match the mulch to a particular color scheme. Old pallets can also be converted into wood pellets for fuel, as well as raw fiber that other businesses can put to good use. With high environmental consciousness and low carbon footprints on many people’s minds these days, HWP can take your old pallets and create new and valuable products out of them.

Let Us Take Care of Your Old Pallets

Whether you’ve got pallets that are in need of sprucing up or pallets that are showing their age, HWP Herwood can take care of them for you. Since 1945, we’ve been an industry leader in providing and servicing wooden pallets and heat treated pallets. We offer both a wood pallet repair service and pallet recycling to serve our clients. Give us a call today at 1-800-884-4907 to find out how we can help you take care of your old pallets.


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