Nature's Packaging - Choose the Sustainable Way

May 17, 2016
Nature's Packaging - Choose the Sustainable Way

​The 49th CWPCA Annual General Meeting in Toronto occurred on the 15th and 16th May during which the many benefits of wood packaging were discussed. This event featured the National Nature's Packaging association which launched their new website. Frequent updates will ensure the most recent information is released within the site. The mission and vision of this group are transparent. Nature's Packaging aims to educate and inform consumers, and specialists the environmental benefits of wood packaging compared to other materials. With a mission to encourage the use of packaging and wooden pallets, this North American initiative promotes the use of a sustainable, responsible and economical packaging solution.

The members of the committee ensure to promote the use of wood packaging benefits.

  • Rob Anderson, St Boniface Pallet - Executive and Marketing Committees
  • Dave Uppal, Pioneer Pallet - Research Committee
  • Phil LeBlanc, Ressources Lumber - Research Committee
  • Mark Patrick Tame, Herwood Inc - Media Committee
  • Jeff Doman, CHEP Inc - Research Committee

Why opt for wood packaging?

A sustainable resource

Wood is a natural and renewable resource, the harvesting of wood from North American forests is considered to be one of the best international forestry practices which have contributed for decades of growth of our forests.

Did you know that…

Forests cover about 751 million acres which is equivalent to 1/3 of the US territory.

An eco-friendly choice

The production of wood pallets requires a low energy level. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees use an abundant natural resource that is the sun. Trees capture CO2 from the air and combine with water from the ground to produce an incredible organic material, wood.

A recyclable material

Wood is recyclable, reuse of pallets and wood packaging is strongly encouraged in North America.

As a part of marketing efforts, Nature's Packaging is proud to present this short video to inform people about the numerous benefits associated with the design of wooden packaging. In short, this video encourages us to make a clarified decision and, by extension, to choose the sustainable way.

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