Pallet Pooling: An Ideal Solution

July 16, 2014
Pallet Pooling: An Ideal Solution

Pallets are truly the unsung heroes of global commerce. Because of them, goods are able to be moved all over the world effectively and efficiently. Pallets may be essential to shipping products all over the world, but a problem for many businesses is the hassle, cost, and energy that go along with owning a fleet of pallets.

In recent years, however, more and more businesses have been using pallet pooling for their pallet needs. They contract with a pallet company to obtain the exact number of pallets that they need for the short term or long term, allowing them to have a fleet of pallets without any of the headaches that go along with pallet ownership. Read on for more about why pallet pooling is proving to be an ideal solution for many businesses.

The Hassle of Owning Pallets

There are a number of reasons why more and more businesses are moving away from owning their own pallets. First, a fleet of pallets can be very expensive to purchase; it’s a big upfront cost for even the most successful company. Next, pallets get lots of use and therefore require ongoing maintenance. Broken, warped, or missing boards need replacing, fasteners need to be tightened, pallets need to be kept clean, and so on. Owning a fleet of pallets means taking care of all of these things.

Storage is another problem: if not all of the pallets are being used, or if no pallets are needed for a period of time, securing a place to keep them until they are needed can be costly. And tracking is also a consideration that many companies don’t take into account when purchasing their own pallets. Pallet tracking can be a challenge when it’s not done by a professional pallet company, and if something goes awry and goods are not where they need to be on time, a lot of money and time may need to be spent in order to make things right.

Why Pallet Pooling is Better

Many businesses are finding that pallet pooling is a better than owning pallets because all of the above-mentioned problems go away. For example, with pallet pooling, businesses rent the exact number of pallets they need. There are always enough pallets to cover big orders, and there are never too many extras lying around after fulfilling smaller runs. Also, with pallet pooling, the maintenance and cleaning is handled by the pallet supplier. HWP Herwood has a long history as a repairer of wooden pallets and heat treated pallets, and we know how to keep pallets in top working condition.

Pallet pooling eliminates storage problems as well. The pallet company will always take them back and either store them or rent them to another business. Finally, pallet companies like HWP Herwood are experts in tracking and will handle that challenging aspect of shipping for you.

Let Us Work With You

As an experienced wooden pallet and crate supplier and pallet pooling specialist, HWP Herwood can work with you and your business for all of your pallet needs. Visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-884-4907 to find out more about how we can fulfill your pallet requirements so your business can continue to do what it does best.

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