Practice makes perfect for Quebec wood pallet manufacturer

November 11, 2011
Practice makes perfect for Quebec wood pallet manufacturer

If you do the same task each and every day, you are bound to get better at it. If three generations of one family do the same task each and every day, then you can count on their expertise.

Windsor, Quebec, based wood pallet and crate manufacturer Herwood Inc. are currently undergoing the third expansion in the company’s illustrious 65-year history. The family-owned company’s expansion includes:

  • The purchase of a new notcher that will notch 4,000 pieces per hour
  • The building of new kilns for the heat treatment of pallets and crates
  • A new nailing machine that will nail up to 320 pallets per hour
  • Restructuring of the factory floor to optimize production permitting the integration of lean manufacturing practices
  • The building of new offices and a new command center

HWP maintains a production capacity of over 3.5 million pallets per year and is ideally positioned just 50 miles from the U.S. border. The location, together with HWP’s compliance with the strictest international heat-treatment standards (ISPM-15), cements the company’s position as the best-placed supplier of pallets and wood packaging for the export and import of trade goods between the St.Lawrence River Valley and the New England States in America.

HWP have been supplying wood pallets and crates to a wide variety of industries, including paper, pharmaceutical, construction and agriculture since 1945. And it’s through the diversity of their client base that HWP have become expert in the customization of wood pallets and crates for special products and projects.

Ever mindful of the need to protect our environment and promote the saving of our non-renewable fossil fuels, HWP implements a full-cycle green production and 100% recuperation through the repair and recirculation of old pallets and crates, or the contribution to biomass through the breaking down of wood into residue that is used in a variety of applications.

The Wheeler family is justifiably proud of its long history at the forefront of the wood-pallet industry. But as each new generation takes the company forward, the commitment to improving its products and services through technology, research and best practices remains as strong as ever.

For more information, or to discuss your company’s wood pallet and crate requirements, contact HWP today.

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