Predicting Pallet Life: Factors and Technology

April 29, 2015
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The success of most businesses relies heavily on pallets. They’re the quiet workhorse of international commerce, efficiently moving goods around the planet. One of the best things about pallets is that they can be used quite a few times. But, how many times can they be used?

It’s important for businesses to know how long a pallet will last. This information is essential for budget planning, of course. More than that, though, companies don’t want to send out loaded pallets that are on their last proverbial legs, only to have them break in transit, incurring extra labor costs plus damaging goods.

There’s no single answer to the question of how long a pallet will last. However, based on a number of considerations, and using some advanced pallet technology, businesses can now have a pretty good idea of the length of a pallet’s life.

Important Factors

A number of factors can influence pallet life. Load is a big one, as pallets that carry less weight are more likely to last longer than those carrying heavier shipments. Careful handling of pallets, both empty and loaded, will also help to prolong their life. Finally, environmental conditions play a big role, as fluctuations in temperature and humidity will affect how heat treated wood pallets stand up to multiple shipments.

A Little Help from a PDS

For a more scientific approach to predicting how long a pallet will last, many pallet manufacturers use the PDS, or the Pallet Design System. This is an incredibly helpful piece of industry software that can both create long lasting pallets based on specific client needs, analyze pallets for longevity, and predict when certain pallet components will need fixing. It can accurately estimate repair dates, replacement dates, and total life cycles.

The PDS does all of this based on a number of variables. There are the aforementioned factors, but there are also factors like the type of lumber used in pallet construction, the moisture content of the wood, and all sorts of data related to the nails used: length, diameter, and more. It’s a truly advanced tool that can design long-lasting pallets and help with the upkeep up existing ones.

The North East’s Wooden Pallet & Crate Supplier

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