Protecting Wood Pallets by Using Heat Treatment

October 5, 2017
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Wood pallets are a great way of getting your goods shipped safely and easily. But if you want to use wooden pallets or crates for international shipping purposes, they must be heat treated. There are strict regulations for heat treatments on pallets, which need to be followed precisely to be able to send them through shipping. After reading this article, you’ll know how heat treatment and the ISPM-15 regulation works.

What is the Heat Treatment Process?

The heat treatment process includes putting wooden pallets in a special chamber where they are heated until the core reaches a temperature of 132.8 Fahrenheit (56 Celsius). It must stay at this temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooling down. Once this process is complete, it is stamped with a mark of compliance with the ISPM 15 standards.

What are the Advantages?

This wood pallet treatment is desirable for a number of reasons. First off, it is necessary to be able to ship internationally, as the heat will kill off any wood burrowing insects and protect the wood from any infestation. Keeping the core heated for 30 minutes ensures all insects and larvae are killed off. This prevents insects from spreading and invading areas, especially places they are not native.

Heat treated wooden pallets also weigh less than those that are not treated. This can save a lot in shipping costs alone! You won’t miss out on quality either, in fact, your wooden pallets will last even longer because of heat treatment. They are less likely to decompose and are resistant to organisms that contribute to wood rotting.

What is ISPM 15 Norm?

ISPM 15 is the international heat treatment standards. It was created to help protect wood against harmful pests. Every treated item has the mark of compliance stamped on it.

Herwood Inc. is proud to offer heat treated wood pallets that are suitable for international shipping. We strictly follow the ISPM 15 standards to ensure that you get nothing but a safe product to use. Contact us to discuss your logistical needs today! 


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