The Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturer’s Association and Herwood Pallet Inc. Partnership

November 15, 2013
Wooden packing crates production

The Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturer’s Association (AMPCQ) was formed with the goal of uniting and promoting the use of wood pallets and wood crates, as well as to establish some guidelines and standards for their manufacture. Also on the AMPCQ’s agenda is the rapid and smooth distribution process for these wood packaging products in order to ease and promote their best features and high usability for consumers across multiple industries.

AMPCQ members contribute in many ways to the pallet and wood packaging industry; both in Quebec and throughout North America. From manufacturers of wood pallets and crates to suppliers of goods and services; the members of the AMPCQ are involved in a broad range of business. This diversity lends itself well to the AMPCQ’s mission to strengthen and grow the wood packaging industry.

Some of the AMPCQ’s esteemed members come from industries such as:

  • Suppliers of wood pallets & containers
  • Wooden pallet & container manufacturers
  • Raw materials suppliers
  • Carriers and transportation companies
  • Government authorities and inspectors
  • Consumers and the interested public

Informing and Educating

A quick browse through the AMPCQ’s website will give readers a knowledgeable view into the wood pallet and container industry, as well as valuable information concerning the sustainability and manufacture of wooden pallets and containers.  From setting out standards for wood pallets and containers to defining the wood species used to manufacture wooden packaging, the AMPCQ has made it easy to quickly find the right information to answer your questions.

  • Wood pallet industry topics covered by the AMPCQ include:
  • Types of wood used for pallet manufacture
  • Types of nails and nail points
  • Wood packaging tolerances
  • Types of pallet hardware
  • Pallet repairs
  • Pallet and container purchasing tips
  • Wood pallet and crate assembly information
  • Quality assessment information for pallet reuse

A Truly Sustainable Industry

In order to promote the wood pallet and container industry it is important for the facts to be communicated. There is widespread mis-information concerning the sourcing of wood for pallets and crates. Contrary to popular thought, trees are not harvested specifically for use in manufacturing pallets or crates. In fact, the wood used to manufacture these products is sourced from wood that would otherwise be used as fuel or in the pulp and paper industry. Furthermore, wood pallets or containers that are no longer usable can easily and affordably be recycled to be used for fuel, animal bedding or landscaping mulch.

Partners in Wood Pallets

As a longstanding regular member of the AMPCQ, Herwood Pallets Inc. adheres to the standards and procedures as outlined by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturer’s Association. Our partnership with this organization ensures a consistent and reliable product that is designed with the user in mind.

Our continued commitment to the environment is another value we share with the AMPCQ, and because we offer a full recuperation and wood pallet recycling program, we are able to offer a full-cycle green operation that is in-line with the AMPCQ’s environmental standards.

Some of the AMPCQ’s affiliates, partners and related organizations include:

Nature Packaging
National Wooden Pallet & Container Association
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