Quebec wood pallet manufacturer offers food and pharmaceutical grade pallet solutions

May 17, 2012
Quebec wood pallet manufacturer offers food and pharmaceutical grade pallet solutions

Believe it or not, there are no set regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection agency (CIFA) regarding an acceptable minimum standard for food-grade pallets.

What do we mean by food-grade pallets?

In today’s global village, the vast majority of our food no longer comes to us from the farm down the lane. Due to faster, more efficient methods of transportation, better packaging and a variety of strategies that keeps food fresher for longer, our groceries come from far and wide to reach our stores—watch this video on the subject from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

During transportation, the majority of our food is stored on pallets. And without any hygiene standards in effect to be complied with, the potential is there for food to be sitting on wet, dirty or otherwise contaminated pallets. This dramatically increases the risk of spoilage and cross contamination, leading to:

  • increased grocery shrinkage (loss of stock through any means other than sales)
  • food prices being raised in order to recoup losses

As a manufacturer of superior quality wood pallets, wood crates and custom packaging solutions, HWP have developed their own in-house multi-step quality assurance program. This program ensures that HWP’s wood pallets are suitable for the transport of goods by any industry to any destination in the World.

Highlights of the quality assurance program specifically designed for food and pharmaceutical-grade pallets include:

  • stringent quality control checks throughout pallet production
  • the selection of specific lumber best suited to the grade of production required
  • examination of pallets to confirm the absence of mold or blackened stains
  • the removal of all sawdust particles
  • compliance with the ISPM-15 heat treatment process (CA-00141)
  • the delivery of pallets in dedicated clean-inspected closed trailers
  • the inside storage of pallets from production to delivery

HWP is a third generation family-owned company that has over six decades of experience in the production and supply of wood pallets, crates and packaging solutions. Experience complete peace of mind during the transportation of your company’s perishable goods by allowing HWP to supply your pallets across Southern Quebec and New England.

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