3 New Updates within the Supply Chain

September 16, 2015
Recent News on the Supply Chain Side: 3 Updates

If you’re in the manufacturing business, you may not spend much time thinking about transportation and logistics. After all, you’ve got a business to run, and time is tight. However, if you ship your goods on heat treated pallets, it’s important to stay abreast of new developments on the supply chain side. Here are three recent news items you’ll want to know about.

Electronic Notification Compliance

Managers of sufferance warehouses and operators of air, marine, and rail carriers, take note. The Canadian Border Security Agency, or CBSA, will begin to enforce the use of its relatively new electronic notification system. Since July 10, 2015, it has been mandatory for warehouses to comply with the electronic warehouse arrival and the conveyance arrival notification requirements.

Because the system is new, no monetary penalties for noncompliance are being assessed. However, monetary penalties under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) will start being given for noncompliance after January 10, 2016. Similar notifications requirements for air, marine, and rail conveyances arriving into Canada went into effect on May 6, 2015;

New Occupational Standards

Occupational standards exist for most jobs; they’re outlines of requirements and performance expectations for specific positions. Now, thanks to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC), four new supply chain positions have occupational standards. They are as follows:

  • Expediter
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Planner
  • Rate Clerk

Standards for these, as well as the other 44 supply chain positions that have occupational standards, can be found at the CSCSC’s website.

June Freight by the Numbers

The value of freight moved between the US and Canada in June 2015 was $52 billion. This number represents the total value of freight moved by trucks, rail, pipeline, vessel, and air.

While $52 billion may seem impressive, it’s 10.3% less than June 2014’s freight value. There are a few reasons for this decrease. First, the current economic recession in Canada has slowed all aspects of shipping. And, a lower mineral oil price, which is currently part of this freight, means that the same amount is currently valued lower. Additionally, the value of US-NAFTA freight was down 3.8% over last June, while the value of US-Mexico freight was up 4.4%.

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