Reducing Industrial Waste—Recycle Your Wooden Pallets & Crates

August 30, 2013


The Heart of the Matter

Conservation of the environment is at the heart of our manufacturing principals. Our full-cycle green production and 100% pallet recovery policy shapes our business actions and decisions. Several key principles at the heart of Herwood Pallets are the re-using and recycling of wooden pallets and shipping materials, as well as being intentional about contributing towards biomass.



Avoid the Unnecessary Expense

Any wooden pallets that cannot be returned or re-used for production pose a big problem for many warehouses, shipping companies and other businesses. Valuable storage is wasted when it is used for no longer functioning wooden pallets or crates. It also costs money to haul away and dispose of any materials no longer usable. However there is a better solution!
Herwood Pallet Inc. offers a full pallet recycling program and not only will we recycle your unwanted wooden pallets; we will come and haul them to our pallet recycling plant! Recycling old wooden pallets and crates prevents them from being disposed of in landfills and also prevents more trees from being cut and milled to produce more. Using what we have is a great way to reduce our impact on the environment.

Some common uses for recycled wooden pallets include:

  • Shavings for barns and stables
  • Raw component for Melamine and other wood based products
  • Wood pellets for heating
  • Biomass for industrial boiler systems
If you have wooden pallets that are still usable, we will purchase them from you, and return them to circulation, thus reducing wastage and cost.

Some Quick Tips on Cutting Down on Industrial Waste

Some industries create more waste than others. But all businesses can benefit from taking a closer look at their operations to see where improvements can be made to increase both profitability and eco-friendliness.
  • Find out about collection services for both waste and recycled materials
  • Create a recycling program that fits your business
  • Use refillable dispenser etc. and reusable items as often as possible
  • Look at areas of your business that produce large volumes of waste and see how you can reduce those volumes
  • Work together with your suppliers to organize and implement an effective recycling program. Many suppliers also offer pick up services for recycling the goods they supply. Just ask!
HWP is conveniently positioned to be your company’s Quebec or New England pallet supplier. Give us a call today and find out how to start recycling your unwanted wooden pallets!
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