Reducing the risk of warehouse fire

September 18, 2012
Reducing the risk of warehouse fire

Warehouse fires can be devastating. While loss of civilian life compared to a public building during a warehouse fire is rare (most fires occur when a warehouse is closed), the risk to firefighters is often greater—especially if the warehouse is a storage facility for hazardous materials.

On the other hand a warehouse fire can be devastating to a company's bottom line, and this may be bad news for employees from a job/lifestyle perspective. Some companies never recover following a warehouse fire and soon close down for good.

But there are steps company's can take to minimize the risk of a devastating warehouse fire and any lingering consequences that may last well after the flames have finally been doused.

Hold regular fire drills

Make sure all new warehouse employees go through rigorous fire-safety training, and that more experienced employees undertake regular refresher courses

Ensure all electrical systems are up to code

Keep the warehouse clean and tidy at all times

Install smoke detectors and sprinkler systems

Finally, ensure that your warehouse is stocked only with heat treated wood pallets. Plastic and chemically treated pallets give off poison gases that can render a damaged warehouse inhabitable for weeks...even months. This is not the case with heat treated wood pallets.

Windsor, Quebec based HWP is the nearest wood pallet manufacturer that offers heat treated pallets to the United States. HWP provides a drop-trailer program, which companies can utilize as warehousing for their pallets—thus minimizing the risk of fire and offering potential savings in insurance premiums.

HWP offer a wide range of standard sized wood pallets and crates. The company can also custom build pallets to your specifications if required. For further information, contact HWP today.

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