Repairing Pallets – Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

March 7, 2017
Repairing Pallets – Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

These days, wooden pallet projects are popping up all over the internet. Broken or unused pallets are being turned into furniture, home décor and more. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep using your damaged pallets instead of throwing them away to be made into an outdoor herb garden or worse, sitting in a landfill.

Virtually every industry in which goods are shipped use pallets. Goods are shipped on top of pallets as they travel by plane, train, boat and truck. From the time they leave a warehouse, are shipped to their final destination, stored and unloaded, most pallets are damaged or broken to some extent. For those that are too damaged to be repaired, recycling them becomes the best option. However, many damaged pallets can actually be repaired to full working order. Doing this provides many benefits for a company.

Saves the Company Money

Purchasing new pallets can be a large expense for a company. Having to keep purchasing new ones because of wear and tear can quickly add up. Not all pallets will be able to be repaired, although one pallet repair company, HWP Herwood Inc., estimates that 80 – 90% of pallets can be repairs. By repairing the existing pallets, a company can cut down on the number of new ones needed, therefore reducing their materials cost. 

Increases Safety / Meets Requirements

If a damaged pallet continues to be used, it can pose a serious risk to those who are working with or moving it. It may have broken or sharp edges or be unable to carry the proper load weight. Not only can employees be injured but the goods that are being transported could be damaged or broken. 

Not only will a repaired pallet ensure that it remains safe and effective for shipping but it will certify that it meets ISPM 15 Requirements.  

Better for the Environment

Repairing pallets for reuse in an excellent decision for the environment. A huge amount of damaged wooden pallets is simply discarded and left to sit in a landfill. Repairing the damage and being able to use them again will reduce the waste created as well as reduce the need for trees to create new pallets. 

Taking steps towards being eco-friendlier is something many consumers want to see companies doing. Pallet repair or pallet recycling is a win-win because it will be better for the environment and the bottom line of the company at the same time. 

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