Ridding your warehouse of used or scrap pallets

March 16, 2012
Ridding your warehouse of used or scrap pallets

It is without doubt an awesome machine that has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

It is, simply, The Crusher—a machine that effortlessly turns up to 1,500 pallets an hour into chips and dust. Impressive? Absolutely!

Following an investment of half a million dollars back in the summer of 2008, HWP has come to the rescue of countless companies buried beneath mountains of unused pallets and associated wood waste.

At the same time, HWP has become the quintessential environmentally friendly outfit—boasting 100% recycling and recuperation.

The Crusher is a fully automated machine: Pallets are dumped into a slow-feed steel conveyor bin that proceeds to a power-feed wheel. The grinder is a steel cylinder or shaft about 24 inches in diameter. Inside are 56 carbide-tipped teeth, each the size of a fist. The shaft spins at about 2,000 rpm, and when pallets are pushed into the shaft by the power-feed wheel, the crushing process begins. A filter screen of two-inch square holes allows the crushed wood to travel to the discharge conveyor and on to the chip-van, or container.

Metal screws, nails, nuts and bolts? No problem!

Pallets are crushed so violently that all metal material separates from the wood and is held to the discharge conveyor by a powerful magnet before finally being discharged to a waiting bin.

There are four major markets for scrap pallets:

  • animal bedding
  • raw materials for Melamine furniture
  • raw materials for wood pellets used in heating appliances 
  • biomass for heating industrial boilers

With the aid of The Crusher, HWP are able to help companies get rid of excess, used and scrap pallets in order to free up valuable warehouse storage space while contributing to helping the environment by initiating a manufacturing process that is 100% recyclable.

HWP are uniquely placed to be your company’s Quebec or New England pallet supplier. To begin dealing with your company’s excess and scrap pallets, contact HWP today.


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