Setting High Standards

June 29, 2012
Setting High Standards

Business in North America has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, and some would suggest that in many ways it has changed for the worse—especially since the recession:

  • employees less inclined to go the extra mile
  • a shrinking workforce as companies try to get more for and with less
  • a marketplace flooded with cheap imports
  • less attention to detail than ever before

But that doesn't mean to say that quality workmanship and high standards have vanished completely. Thankfully, there are still some family-owned companies that maintain high standards and even self standardize to ensure the continued development of better services for their clients.

HWP is a perfect example of a company that is swimming against the tide of mediocrity that has become more commonplace in North America today. A family business with over 65 years of experience in producing millions of wood pallets, wooden crates and custom wood packaging solutions, HWP is a premium company based in Windsor, Quebec.

Without any official standard for food and pharmaceutical grade pallets, HWP has set its own standards to ensure that pallets supplied to the food and pharmaceutical industries are of the highest standards. HWP ensures its food and pharmaceutical-grade pallets are:

  • made from specific lumber that is suited to the grade of production required
  • free of all mold and blackened stains
  • stored inside from manufacture to delivery
  • comply with ISPM-15 standards
  • regularly inspected throughout the production cycle

For more information or to install HWP as your Southern Quebec or New England pallet manufacturer, contact them today.

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