Staying on Top—Secrets of Successful Pallet Manufacturers

December 13, 2013

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

In today’s market it is essential for businesses to make the most of every marketing opportunity. Here at HWP we have never taken an aggressively over-promotional approach. We truly believe in developing high-quality wood packaging products and building strong relationships; first with our partners and clients and then by reaching out to potential clients with solutions that fit their individual business needs.

Stay Active and Offer Something of Value

That being said, we do make an effort to reach out to existing and potential customers; and our website is a big part of how we do that. By being visible online and offering valuable information and solutions to our customers, we are able to reach deeper into potential markets—and more importantly, provide customers with quality wood packaging products that will make their businesses run smoothly, reliably and efficiently.

We believe that offering our customers helpful information and wood packaging products will help their business be more successful. Through our website we try to reflect and extend the values that our entire wood pallet manufacturing plant operates on by offering content that has value, offers suggestions or solutions, and that will generally make our customer’s lives easier.

Keeping this in mind, it takes time to manage every part of a pallet manufacturing business, and oftentimes the website is easy to ignore—out of sight, out of mind. So making a plan and sticking with it helps to make sure this part of our business gets taken care of.  We hope you’ll take some time to browse through the many articles on our blog that discus a wide variety of industry topics.

Partnerships Make a Big Difference

In business, partnerships are more than valuable…they can truly make or break you. That’s why we were delighted when Chaille Brindley, from Pallet Enterprise, kindly reached out and interviewed us after we crossed paths through our online activity. You can read Chaille’s article about HWP in the November issue of Pallet Enterprise’s magazine.


If you’re looking for a wood pallet supplier in Quebec, we’d love to do business with you in the New Year! HWP is one of the Northeast’s leading wood pallet manufacturers—we can supply you with ISPM 15 wooden packaging that is also fully recyclable. Give us a call today and find out how to make HWP your wood pallet supplier.

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