Strong, Versatile, Economical: Wooden Pallets

November 12, 2014
Strong Versatile Economical Wooden Pallets HWP

Wooden pallets are at once highly visible and easily ignored. We see them all the time under stacks of products at large retailers, and somewhere in our minds, we know that they're important. But how often do you truly look at a wooden pallet and appreciate all that it does to keep the world's economic engine running? How often do you think about their remarkable strength or their many other positive attributes? Probably not very often.

Pallets are truly essential to getting products from place to place in an efficient and economical manner. However, many owners of manufacturing businesses (as well as many people in general) don’t know how much a single wooden pallet can hold. While the exact figure varies based on pallet size, wooden pallets can hold a surprising amount. Read on for some of the details about pallet strength, as well as some other reasons why your business should be using pallets to transport your products.

Pallets are Insanely Strong

Wooden pallets may not look like they can hold much weight — they’re just a few boards nailed together, right? Many manufacturers would be surprised to learn that a standard 48 inch by 40 inch wooden pallet can hold up to 4600 pounds. That’s more than two tons! Other sizes can hold slightly less, but the numbers are still impressive. This impressive ability to hold so much weight, paired with the fact that wooden pallets cause minimal product damage because they are handled by machines, make them the ideal way to move your products all over the world.

Other Benefits of Using Pallets

Beyond their Herculean strength, pallets offer numerous other benefits to product manufacturers. First, they can move more products at once than any other packing and shipping method, making them a great choice for both financial reasons and for efficiency reasons. Next, many warehouses and stores already have the equipment necessary to move wooden pallets. Finally, wooden pallets are an ideal environmental choice because they can be reused, repaired when broken, and recycled when they are damaged beyond repair. A wooden pallet supplier like Quebec’s HWP Herwood can repair and recycle pallets for you and your business.

The Pallet Experts

Whether you’re interested in purchasing your own stock of heat treated pallets or have a question about why pallets are the right solution for getting your company’s products out to customers en masse, look to HWP Herwood for all of your wooden pallet and crate needs. Our family-owned company is one of the largest wooden pallet producers in North America, and we can put our expertise to work for you. Give us a call today at 1-800-884-4907, and let’s talk about your specific pallet needs.


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