Superior wood pallets and packaging solutions for New England and Southern Quebec

April 18, 2012
Superior wood pallets and packaging solutions for New England and Southern Quebec

If your company is looking for a New England Pallet manufacturer that can help you answer all of your wood packaging requirements look no further than HWP.

HWP are perfectly positioned geographically to deliver pallets and crates along the Quebec City to Windsor corridor—the most densely populated and heavily-industrialized region of Canada, as well as along I-91 through New England.

With its own fleet of trucks and dry boxes, HWP offers its clients the peace of mind that comes in knowing that just in time delivery of the wood pallets and wood crates they need is only a phone call or email away.

Additionally, HWP foster an unrivaled commitment to the reuse or recycling of pallets and crates. The Windsor, Quebec based company will pick up your used or overstocked pallets free of charge, saving large sums of money that would be needed under normal circumstances to get rid of these unwanted pallets. HWP may even pay you for GMA 48 X 40 pallets in excellent condition. HWP’s recycling process ensures that nothing goes to waste and that your company’s decision to use wood pallets is the most environmentally friendly option currently available.

HWP comply with HT ISPM 15 certification, meaning the company’s wood-packaging materials are free to cross all borders. For more information or to discuss your company’s wooden pallet or crate requirements—from standard sizes to custom-built models based on your exact specifications—contact HWP today.

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