The Crusher—Biting in to Pallet Recycling

June 14, 2013
The Crusher—Biting in to Pallet Recycling
What to do with Used Wooden Pallets & Crates
Your shipment has been unpacked and moved inside. You’ve recycled your used pallets that are in good shape, but now what do you do with the ones you can’t re-use? Stack them up out back? No way! You call Herwood Pallets, and use “the Crusher.” The Crusher is a seriously impressive machine. Effortlessly crunching up to 1,500 pallets an hour and spitting them out in chips and dust; the Crusher makes recycling easy and a lot less painful...for you.

Investing in a green future
Way back in the summer of 2008, HWP invested half a million dollars in this machinery that enables us to offer a complete recycling program for wooden packaging products like pallets and crates. For companies swimming in oceans of un-usable pallets, this comes as great news that not only solves the storage problems for junk pallets, but also the larger need of reducing our impact on the environment.

The Crusher
A fully automated machine, the Crusher allows for pallets to be dumped into a steel conveyor bin that proceeds to a power-feed wheel. The 24 inch grinder contains 56 carbide-tipped teeth, each the size of a fist. This shaft spins at about 2,000 rpm, while pallets are pushed into the shaft by the power-feed wheel, and the crushing process begins! A filter screen then moves the crushed wood to along to the discharge conveyor and into a chip-van or other container.

What about the metal parts?
Because the pallets are crushed so forcefully; all metal material separates from the wood and is picked up by a powerful magnet before being dumped into a bin.

What can crushed pallets be used for?
There are four main markets for scrapped and chipped pallets. They are:
  • Shavings for animal bedding
  • Melamine furniture
  • Wood pellets used in heating appliances 
  • Biomass for heating industrial boilers
By using our complete recycling facilities, process, and equipment, HWP is able to get rid of your company’s used and scrap pallets and crates. This frees up valuable warehouse storage space and contributes to helping the environment. Our pallet and crate manufacturing process is 100% recyclable! HWP is conveniently located near the USA border in Quebec; we can be your company’s Quebec and New England pallet supplier. 
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