The Single Most Important Shipping Supply

January 17, 2014
Pallet in a warehoure

The chair you're sitting comfortably in, the computer or mobile device you're using to read this, even the shoes and socks on your feet — it is highly likely that before these products made their way to you, they spent some time stacked on a wooden pallet. While they're not something that the majority of people usually think about, pallets are how global commerce is able to operate on such a tremendous scale. They give product manufacturers a way to stack and ship large quantities of their items easily and in a way that allows them to be moved as efficiently as possible. And once people know about pallets, they start to notice them in stores and on trucks, and they soon realize that they're everywhere. The pallet, they begin to understand, is the unsung hero of commerce.

"Pallets move the world."

This pithy quote from Professor Mark White of Virginia Tech essentially sums up the essence of the global economy in four words. Who could have predicted, at the onset of worldwide trade and manufacturing, that these carefully engineered wooden assemblies would play such a vital role in moving goods across the globe? They are literally everywhere, with an estimated 2 billion pallets in use in the US alone. Approximately 80% of all the goods bought and sold in the US are transported on pallets, and the pallet manufacturing industry uses more than 46% of the hardwood lumber produced in the US. These are truly staggering and significant numbers for an item that the majority of consumers don't even think about. For product manufacturers, the single most important shipping supply that they need to consider is the pallet. And for quality pallets that will meet their shipping needs, a trusted wooden pallet and crate supplier like HWP Herwood Inc. can be an invaluable partner in getting their products out to the worldwide public.

Why HWP Herwood?

With pallets and other shipping crates in continual high demand, HWP Herwood Inc. out of Quebec is an industry leading manufacturer of wood packaging. Family owned and operated since 1945, HWP can produce up to 13,000 pallets per day, as well as wooden crates and containers. HWP offers a wide variety of wooden pallets and crates, and can work with your company to create wood packaging specific to your needs. Not only can HWP supply businesses with ISPM 15 packaging that is fully recyclable, but they offer a recuperation and recycling program as well. To obtain a quote and discover how HWP can become your company's wooden pallet and crate supplier, they can be reached toll-free at 1-800-884-4907.

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