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January 9, 2017
think green with HWP Pallets

With the new year just beginning and everyone trying to do better as another 365 days are about to begin, we all need to start thinking more like HWP Herwood Inc. Recycling is the first step that everyone should already be doing to help the environment. It's as easy as throwing something away, so why haven't we all started doing it? There are several companies that recycle all their paper and boxes, or their wooden pallets like Herwood do, but the real problem is all those individuals who believe it’s too hard.

How to Start

Almost everything can be recycled, from paper to plastic, from clothes to batteries. The first thing to do is making sure you only throw out what is actually necessary to throw out. If you think something could either be reused or donated, then it should definitely not go in the trash. Even if you might be able to get something repaired, such as a toy or electronics. Think about the three R's; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These are what we should live by.

The Money Saver

Families save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars each year just from reusing and recycling. From bathtubs being turned into couches to filing cabinets or wooden pallets being transformed into desks, almost anything can be used for something else as long as you're open to the idea. By donating you could potentially save money and help out someone who needs it or could make better use of it than you.


Go through your things before throwing them out. It is almost second nature for us to find something, pick it up and throw it out. Make sure you take the time to actually think about if there is anything else that could make use of the object before deciding to get rid of it forever. Make sure to look up several “do it yourself” videos on YouTube or Pinterest and find out neat ways to upgrade your old boring things into cool new ones.

Recycling is not only good for ourselves, but it’s also a way of saving our world. With more and more pollution increasing each year, 2017 should be about decreasing it. By doing this one little good deed for the world each day, we can slowly make our planet a better place for future generations to come.

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