Tremendous Halloween House Decorating Project

October 22, 2014
Wooden pier pallets

With Halloween just around the corner, it is with great pleasure that we announce one of Sherbrooke’s spookiest events of the year! In partnership with several local businesses and the neighbourhood, we will be constructing a pirate-themed tavern in the garage of M. Rondeau and Mme. Collette. But this isn’t just a little project; the whole neighbourhood is joining in to partner with us in this event. You can expect to find an entire block-party; complete with the street closure and plenty of pirates around for entertainment and ambiance! You’ll find amazing pirate themed décor including:

  • An inflatable pirate ship
  • Wooden pier connecting the street to garage (made from specially designed pallets by Herwood Inc.)
  • LED colour organ synchronized with music
  • Pirate tavern with bar, stools, fake barrels of rum and mood lighting
  • Loads of treats and candy
  • Plenty of pirate-style action!

Building on last year’s success, our aim is to hand out even more treats, over 1000 bags in fact! So, we invite you and yours to drop by on the evening of Friday, October 31st, at rue Dionne in Sherbrooke. We’d also like to give a great big thank you to our sponsors this year, who have made this possible through their generosity:

Herwood Inc – Supplying 26 wooden pallets for the dock.
Home Hardware J. Fortier – Donating plywood for the decor.
Brompton IGA – Donating candy supply.
Amusement Gonflable de l’Estrie : Providing an inflatable pirate ship for the evening.
Construction MF – Donating $1 to the Foundation Monchénou for every child that visits this event.
City of Sherbrooke – Partial closure of the street to provide additional security for our visitors.

Herwood Inc. would like to point out the teamwork between local businesses and families has been a major component to this project’s success, both last year and this. We’re very proud to be part of this project together with our community. Hope to see you all there on October 31st!


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