Who said wood didn’t need to be taken care of?

December 8, 2016
Who said wood didn’t need to be taken care of

It has become a real must to make your own furniture and decoration with reclaimed wood, but that wood is first and for all used for transportation which means it might not be the cleanest good in your home. Here is why and how to clean and sanitize your reclaimed pallets before getting into your DIY projects. Put your rubber gloves on and get going!

Before doing anything with your pallet you should hose it down to remove dust, bugs and dirt that could have stuck to it. Wait until the wood is completely dry and sand it down to avoid splinters. It also makes your piece so much easier to paint and wash afterwards. Once it’s all soft and sanded, you can use a big brush to wash the wood. Use a bit of soap to give a great scrub and a fresh smell. You can use dishwashing soap or all-purpose cleaning soap. If you just can’t seem to reach some places, use an old tooth brush to clean every inch. Hose the wood once again to remove any trace of soap.

Some people even steam the wood to bring sanitizing to whole new level. If you have one at home, you might want to consider using it! Depending on your project, you might want to remove all the tacks in the wood. If you don’t remove them make sure to hammer them in.

It is recommended to do this entire process on a sunny day taking away all possibility of moist taking place on the wood. It also dries much faster. Do not leave them in a summer heat for too long because the wood might dry and bend leaving it harder to work with.

If you’re not ready for your home project, stack the dry clean wood in a garage or inside to avoid it getting wet. It is preferred not to keep it on the floor either.

Once you’ve got all the cleaning covered the crafting begins. Take your tools out and let your creative instincts lead you.  When you’re done, you can simply polish the wood and leave it as is or paint it to match your décor.

Be patient and put in a little bit of your time into making a great project that you’ll be able to see and cherish every day in your lovely home. 

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