Why You Should Choose Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets

June 13, 2014
Choose Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets Herwood

Pallets have been used in the shipping and handling business for a long time now. Advanced technology and design geniuses have introduced unlimited varieties of pallets into the market; offering more options and the freedom of choice. At the end of the day, making the right choice to suit your needs is all that matters and heat treated wooden pallets guarantee quality.

Here are more reasons why you should invest in heat treated pallets:

Minimize chemical related health risks

Heat treated pallets reduce the risk of chemical related health hazards for the manufacturers as well as the shipping and handling personnel. Since there are no chemicals needed in the process of heat treating wood, safe handling is guaranteed and the exposure to chemical products such as chrome and copper metallic salts or methyl bromide, that would have otherwise been used to treat wood, is eliminated altogether. HWP Herwood Inc. guarantees the highest quality heat treated wooden pallets in the market.

Increase your pallets' shelf life

For many years, heat treating wood was used and it is still being used as a prime and natural way to preserve wood; adding longevity and quality. Heat treating wood alters the composition and properties of wood, stripping off its ability to decompose even with the exposure to dampness and extreme humidity. Heat treated pallets are resistant to fungi and other microorganisms that would otherwise increase the risks of rotting. Also the fact that heat treated wood hardens and increases impermeability is an added advantage that promotes longevity by making the wood both stable and durable while reducing swelling and shrinkage.


Unlike plastic pallets, heat treated pallets are environmentally safe and do not add any toxic stress to the ozone layer. Even importantly, these pallets can be recycled and re-used for other purposes, such as wood chips and even as farm animals' barn flooring material therefore nothing really goes to waste. Additionally, since no chemicals are used in the manufacture of heat treated wooden pallets, this is a big plus towards eco-friendliness.

Lightens your pallet load

The process of heat treating wood not only reduces moisture in the wood but also alters the composition of that wood, making it more resistant to moisture absorption in the future. This ensures that it weighs less, and that is good news for your shipping business. You will save a lot of money on the shipping costs. It also ensures the safety of your wares from attacks of molds and fungi.

Acceptance across the nations

International standards that regulate heat treated wooden pallets are strictly enforced to ensure safety and health and to reduce the risk of cross contamination of shipped goods as well as the transfer of parasites across international ecosystems. The ISPM-15 advocates for higher hygienic standards and sterilization of pallets and heat treating are the ultimate process to achieve this standard. With heat treated pallets, you can rest assured that your wares will move freely across the nations without facing any shipping restrictions that are associated to the risks and the concerns that untreated wood may pose.


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