Wood pallet solutions will help deliver the future to Northern Quebec

June 1, 2012
Wood pallet solutions will help deliver the future to Northern Quebec

One of Canada’s key accomplishments as a nation since the influx of the first settlers has been the development of the country through the exploration of, settling and development of some of the most inhospitable land on earth.

Today, Canada continues to push back and develop its frontiers—a perfect example of which is Quebec’s Plan Nord—to develop the northernmost region of this province. The Plan Nord is probably the most ambitious plan ever undertaken in this country. Following input from the Quebec and regional governments, First Nations, Inuit, economical, social, community and environmental representatives, a strategy has been created to set the Plan Nord in motion.

But unlike some of Canada’s previous major developments, such as the building of the railroad, Trans Canada Highway or creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Quebec’s plan Nord is aiming to be a model of sustainability and respect for the environment. Highlights of the initiative include:

  • the creation of many thousands of new jobs
  • the production of 3,500 additional MW of clean, renewable energy
  • innovative solutions for sustainable forest development
  • numerous sustainable and eco friendly mining projects for natural resources

One of the challenges in developing the currently inhospitable terrain of northern Quebec is how to deliver building tools and materials to the region. Sand, cement, fuel, food, water, medical supplies—pallet upon pallet of crucial supplies will need to be shipped to the northernmost parts of Quebec.

As a leading Quebec manufacturer and supplier of wood pallets, wood crates and custom wood packaging solutions, HWP are well placed to assist in the Plan Nord by helping in the delivery and distribution of essential tools and supplies. HWP is also proud to be a company that operates under a 100% recyclable operation—nothing is wasted—making HWP a premium partner for the sustainable development and initiation of the Plan Nord.

In addition, HWP offers:

  • food grade pallets
  • ht-ispm 15 treatment
  • drop box trailers filled with pallets for warehouse solutions
  • used pallet collection

For more information or a free estimate for your company’s wood-packaging solutions, call HWP today.

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