Wood Pallets Help Keep the World Moving

May 30, 2012
Wood Pallets Help Keep the World Moving

NASA calls them spinoffs...products that were developed by the space organization and that eventually trickled down to the average consumer for everyday use. Products such as memory foam—originally developed for space flight, and water filters are just two examples of the many products that we now take for granted.

In fact, NASA and the World’s military are responsible for the development of a host of technological advancements. World War One has been dubbed the chemist’s war due to the huge strides forward in chemical and explosive warfare that were made during that period. And World War Two gave us radar, the jet engine...and the wood pallet.

That’s right, the wood pallet really came to the fore during the war years as the best way to transport munitions, food and other supplies in bulk.

Some technology continues to evolve and advance...from radar to GPS, for example, while other technology simply fades away—cassette tapes, vinyl and betamax—remember?

And what about wood pallets? Well, thanks to globalization and the need to transfer goods to the four corners of the World, wood pallets, crates and custom wood packaging solutions will be around for a long time yet. Wood packaging has time and time again been proven to be the most effective and competitive bulk transport solution.

When you choose HWP to be your supplier of wood pallets, wood crates and custom wood packaging solutions, you are choosing a company with over 65 years of experience in the wood pallet industry. HWP produce wood packaging for a wide variety of industries, and also build food-grade pallets that are suitable for use by pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers and suppliers. HWP also comply with the latest HT-ISPM 15 legislation, which ensures that your goods can travel freely across all borders. For your next order of wood pallets, call HWP today


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