Wood pallets help your business protect the environment

November 26, 2012
Wood pallets help your business protect the environment

When we don’t know the effects that something is having on us or our environment, it can be argued that ignorance is bliss. But once we unravel the effects our actions are having—especially if the effects are negative—then we are obliged to doing something about it.

For example, before we knew that smoking was bad for us, lighting up was an acceptable practice. Now, it is isn’t. Similarly, now that we know the importance of protecting our environment, then we should do our best to do just that.

For businesses that utilize a supply chain for the delivery of physical products, being environmentally proactive can be challenging—especially if the procedure is costly. But one way you can ensure your product is delivered in and environmentally friendly way is to have your product delivered on wood pallets.

Using wood pallets offers a number of environmentally friendly benefits including:

  • Wood pallets do not require fossil fuels during production
  • Heat treated wood pallets are dry and light—and save on fuel costs
  • Wooden pallets are strong and durable
  • Damaged wood pallets can be repaired and put back into circulation
  • Wood pallets can be completely recycled

Not only is choosing wood pallets over materials such as plastic an environmentally friendly practice, choosing HWP as your supplier is helping the environment even more. A full cycle green production and 100% recuperation is at the heart of HWP’s manufacturing principles. From the creation of the pallet through reuse, repair and finally recycling, nothing is wasted—not the wood of the pallet or the bolts and fasteners that secure it.

HWP is a Windsor, Quebec, based manufacturer of superior quality wood pallets, wood crates and custom wood packaging solutions. From standard sizes to custom projects—all HT-ISPM 15 compliant—contact HWP for a free quotation today.


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