Wood pallets the environmentally friendly choice

December 9, 2011
Wood pallets the environmentally friendly choice

We’re always told that the more natural a product is, the better it is. Organic meat is better than non-organic; wild fish is better than farmed; natural cosmetics are better than synthetic...and the list goes on. So following this rationale, are wood pallets the best choice?


And one of the major advantages of wood packaging is the environmental load—or lack of it.

Unlike the production of plastic, which requires large amounts of energy in the first place, trees require none. Furthermore, every single part of a harvested tree can and is used for something...nothing goes to waste. And wood is renewable, too. It is easily possible to plant more trees than we harvest, making wood the ultimate sustainable resource.

But what about the removal of wood pallets from circulation after use—isn’t that costly? Doesn’t it leave a large ecological footprint?

Not at all—especially where HWP are concerned. HWP operates a unique collection and re-evaluation strategy for wood pallets and crates. Based on a number of criteria, pallets and crates are evaluated and then either returned to circulation or re-cycled. This environmentally friendly approach breathes new life into wood packaging materials, and it helps reduce the carbon footprint of HWP, our clients and their customers, too.

The conservation of the environment is at the heart of HWP’s manufacturing principals, and the company is committed to re-using and recycling pallets and wood-packaging materials, and contributing to biomass for energy. Nothing goes to waste and everything is recuperated, with even the most unsalvageable pallets and crates being converted—via a state-of-the-art crushing machine—into sawdust for use in a variety of applications. Lean manufacturing lines, the use of electric lift trucks, an experienced and engaged workforce—HWP are a quintessentially green manufacturer.

HWP offer an unlimited variety of models and standard sizes of pallets and crates, and the company can also custom design crates to your specifications. The combination of quality workmanship and cutting-edge technology cements HWP’s position as a leading wood pallet and crate manufacturer.

For more information, or to discuss your wood pallet or wood crate requirements, contact HWP today.



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