Wooden Pallets: An Ecological Choice

August 9, 2017
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With so many of our activities contributing to a considerable amount of carbon footprint, it has become absolutely necessary to adopt measures that will in a way curb the situation in the very least. While there are many ways to achieve this, one of the most effective ways that businesses can do this is by making use of import-export wooden pallet companies in transporting and distributing their products ecologically.

In this article, here is an overview of how wooden pallets have been useful in not only transportation but also to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Importance of Low Impact on the Environment

It is of utmost importance to reduce your impact on the environment when you export or import your goods.

  • It helps lower the overall carbon footprint;
  • Wooden pallets are an inexpensive means;
  • Wooden pallets provide a safe and reliable means of transport.

How using wooden pallets for the environment?

  • Wooden pallets are often treated using heat hence eliminating the need for fungicides and other toxins that harm and contaminate the environment.
  • They can be used several times. There is less risk of waste;
  • They are made from wood that has been discarded or has already been used. This means that their manufacture does not involve the felling of trees. The impact on the environment is even lower.

The 4R’s of environmental management

Renewable: The material used to manufacture wood pallets and crates is renewable.

Reusable: You can use the wood pallets and crates for as many as 100 times.

Repairable: The wood pallets and crates can be repaired when they become faulty for a cost that’s much less than the cost of replacement.

Recyclable: Recycling of wooden pallets and crates is often a common practice especially when the pallets are beyond repair.

Herwood is passionate about the environment and is committed to producing wooden pallets that meet recovery standards. We have a system of re-evaluating pallets and crates to determine if they can be put back into circulation. Contact us to find out if we can buy your used wooden pallets!

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